Day 1 of Move

26 07 2012

In order to move to Belize, we decided to purge most of our stuff and pare down to what would fit in a 16’ x 7’ x 7’ trailer, so we found one in Leominster and got a hitch added to our SUV in Fitchburg.  We had to change insurance companies because our current company would only insure a trailer that hauled 3000 lbs and ours carried 6500 lbs.  It ended up that everything except about 10% of our stuff (pieces of which were already packed in the trailer, so we couldn’t give away the left over stuff – it is worthless by itself) fit in the trailer. Ah shucks! So we still had to have our realtor find an international shipper for us – last minute glitch in the plan, plus extra expense.  So that stuff will take about 8 weeks to ship in a container from Miami to Belize City where we will try to clear it through a customs broker and load it into our trailer to take back to Belmopan. Our plan was to drive our dog and stuff to Houston, where we would meet a driver we flew up from Belize who would drive our stuff through Mexico for us, while we waited in Houston for him to get through….then we would fly to Belize City with our dog the 2 ½ hour flight.  So we closed on our house and made it to Sturbridge, Ma our first day of moving.



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