Day 4 of Move

29 07 2012

We passed by Mammoth Caves and the Kentucky Bourbon Trail.  We thought we had orange flowers coming up to view in the freeway divider, but when we got closer, we knew we were in the South because we saw it wasn’t flowers, but that ole familiar red clay soil.  We went through Nashville and passed the Loretta Lynn House and Museum, the Fresh Water Pearl Museum, the Casey Jones Home and Railroad Museum, and a great deal of (no that’s not topiary)  kudzu  

(you do know how to plant kudzu, right?  You just drop it and RUN!).

We drove through Memphis.  Here’s a shot of the pyramid taken from our moving vehicle: 

In Carlisle, Arkansas, we stopped to eat barbeque in the shade of our trailer with the dog and heard what sounded like the long baaa of a dying sheep.  There were no sheep around anywhere, but the baaas were coming from somewhere nearby.  We figured out that it was a chorus of eastern narrow-mouthed toads in the ditch next to us.  Check out their unique sound here.

After getting stuck in a 10 mile long traffic jam after a long day of driving, we ended up spending the night in Arkadelphia.  My man said he hates Arkansas and that it should be used as a proving ground for bombers, but let’s just give him the benefit of the doubt and say that he was really exhausted.



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