Day 6 of Move

31 07 2012

We picked up our new best friend from Belize at IAH ( a Christian missionary in Belize recommended him to us and says he does this all the time).  We waited an hour for him to clear customs after his flight landed.  We were starting to wonder if he was on the plane, but we knew him right away from his smile, even though we had never seen him before. He told us, he was concerned about having to take detours through the southernmost parts of Mexico due to mudslides from the previous 2 weeks of continuous rain (rainy season).

An adventure in faith

A half an hour after we gave him our SUV, trailer, belongings, and money, he said he had been rear ended by a hit-and-run driver in Houston rush hour traffic.  He said the guy had damaged the back of the trailer, so it might not lock properly any more, and when he asked him to pull over, he said he didn’t need to, and when our driver threatened to call the police, the guy took off.  Not the best start.  We also had to get Cary to a vet that day because to fly an animal into Belize and avoid a 30 day quarantine, one needs to have the USDA APHIS Form 7001 filled out within 7 days of departure, by a USDA certified veterinarian, BUT each state only has one USDA APHIS AVICs office and in the large state of Texas, that office is in Austin.  No matter how close it is to Houston….they don’t take appointments. SO we had to get to Fed Ex before they closed and overnight the form to the USDA office in Austin with a prepaid return envelope for overnight/Sat delivery, so we would have our paperwork for Cary in place for a Monday flight.  We made it just in time, but I have to admit that I was a little shaky this day. Just continue to breathe, and keep praying…..

God is good, wise, loving, and in control!



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