Day 10

4 08 2012

Our driver has a harrying day after driving through a construction zone that cut one side of the brake lines to the trailer, so every time he hit the brakes, he swerved to one side.  He could only find some plastic wrap to stick between the severed wires.  Then he was stopped and extorted by five policemen who threatened to send him back to Tampico (an unsafe area) for driving a nice vehicle with no plates, but he was able to produce the plates they wanted to take from him at the border and he had all the correct paperwork.  Nonetheless, this was really more about lining their pockets than him doing anything wrong.  We were concerned that he might stand out by driving a nice vehicle with a new trailer, but we and he were praying that he and what he was driving would not stand out to criminals. We did not realize when we hired him to do this move for us, what a truly dangerous undertaking this was.  Knowing what we now know, we most likely would have gone another route.

We had a much better day than he had.  We decided to go for a walk at the Houston Arboretum which has really suffered from the past 3 years of drought.  Most of the trees were dead and being cleared, but the underbrush was thriving and blooming.  I saw my favorite wildflower, commelina communis (Asiatic day flower) , as well as turk’s caps , callicarpa americana  (beautyberry), trumpet vines, hibiscus moscheutos , cardinal flower, yellow Mexican water lilies  , and possibly white creeper pond flowers  .  Does this look like a cheerleader to you too?     Some red eared sliders  were big beggars; although all the signs said not to feed them, others obviously had.  They swam quickly up to wherever we stopped at pondside.  We enjoyed cloudless sulfur butterflies, monarchs , and black swallowtails as well as great blue skimmer and eastern amberwing dragonflies.



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