Day 11

5 08 2012

Our driver arrives safely at the border to Belize after fixing the break line with a band-aid we told him we had in our first aid kit (you’ve heard of a band-aid fix before, right?)  The school finally got the duty-free paperwork on the items being donated to the school that were in our trailer and the principal drove it up to the border – cutting it close, but really right on time!

We joined Kirkwood Bible Church for worship.  The Scripture was Revelation Ch 5 with references to finishing well and telling the nations of Christ’s saving work on our behalf.  Spot on!! Ever noticed how different readings, or people during the week will point out the same themes or Bible verses to you?  God got your attention yet?  Repetition works!

Here is one way I like to tell the nations about how they can have an intimate personal relationship with the God who created them and loves them extravagantly: by directing people to the following websites (depending on what fits their situation best) to introduce them to Jesus Christ:,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,, &  If they have made a decision for Christ, I like to refer them to discipleship sites such as,,, &

We took Cary for walks and runs at the school grounds behind our hotel every day.  Tonight, there was a thunderstorm, and after that we heard the narrow mouthed toads again that we’d heard for the first time in AR.

For our last dinner in the US (probably for a while), we enjoyed southern barbecue and sweet tea.



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