Day 12 We Arrive in Belize!!

6 08 2012

We fly to Belize!  We had to drop Cary off 3 hours before our flight in the cargo area of the airport.  The rules for international travel required a ridiculously giant crate (even though it is only a 2 ½ hour flight) that barely fit on the plane.  Since Continental and United have merged, they have had some trouble working out the communication kinks, so even though we had confirmation from United that Cary was booked on our flight, Continental said he wasn’t booked.  They worked it out and got him on our plane though.  Whew.  When we arrived in Belize, we got charged a $50 fine for not submitting the proper paperwork, even though we sent a request to BAHA back in June for this date for Cary to have an import permit.  They also set an arbitrary figure for us to be charged based on the value of the freight (Cary) that cost us an unexpected $277.  When we got to Hertz to pick up our rental vehicle, it didn’t have a real rack on top that we could tie Cary’s travel kennel to, but they were cool about letting us cancel and took us to the rental company next door who had an SUV with a rack that would work.  A nice cargo officer and an ex-scout leader tied the kennel to the rack for us.    We drive to Belmopan from Belize City and met our landlord, and 2 of our neighbors.  We also met Glenn who was already living in our townhouse.

 (Truth be told, there are probably ten Glenns in the house – they are cute little chirping house geckoes). I was happy to see a rainbow over the jungle, but not happy about the septic system being pumped into the ditch next to the building.  How is that not an open sewer?  We went to the store to purchase minimal groceries, and it was pretty busy – perhaps people getting ready in case tropical storm Ernesto became hurricane strength.  At the store we met and talked with some short-term Methodist missionaries from Texas and saw Mennonites.  The grocery stores here are Chinese owned and operated.  A (probably) 8-year-old Chinese girl processed my credit card to check me out.  We stopped by Zeta for drinking water and a dispenser and stayed at a room at the Twin Palms B&B (where the owners have been very gracious to us during previous stays).  The hubby and dog did see 2 tarantulas there outside our room on the steps.  If I would have felt tickled at night, I might have freaked out!

Cary Grant finds that the chicks here dig him!  He smelled his first dog in heat, but she was behind bars.  Another dog (not in heat) named Nala fell in love with Cary and played with him in the yard and slept outside our door while he kept sniffing around the doors edges.

At the Mexican border to Belize, the Mexican side opens at 8 am, then there is a 10 minute drive, then a 50 minute wait for the Belizean border to open.  Our driver spent most of the day there working out customs and duty.  Belizean customs sets both the value of the items as well as the percentage duty.  On the SUV duty was 77%.  Ouch!!  They cut the rod that allowed the trailer to be locked and made him unpack 40% of a trailer that was “stuffed to the gills”.  Pretty much everything that had fabric on it was stained or ripped.  Oh well.  Our driver was very happy to be back home safely with his family and we’re sure they were very happy to see him!  We were greatly relieved and rejoiced that he made it safely through!  We were very concerned for him, but “we know that God causes all things to work together for good to those who love God, to those who are called according to His purpose.” Romans 8:28  Through all of this, He is somehow conforming believers to the image of His Son, Jesus (Romans 8:29).



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