Dragon Fruit

20 08 2012

My first day at the market, I decided to try new things.  I bought a pineapple that I would have to cut up myself (sad, isn’t it that I’ve always depended on others to do this for me or bought them in a can?).  The pineapples here are so fragrant, I love to set them on the counter for a few days before cutting them up  – just to enjoy the smell!  They are absolutely delicious!  But the fruit I really wanted to write about is the Pitaya or Pitahaya or Dragon Fruit.  It tastes a lot like a kiwi, with a similar texture, but it has this beautiful fuchsia color  (it temporarily stains your fingers and tongue that color too – what fun!)  It is fruit from a type of cactus (hylocerus undatus) that blooms only at night and is pollinated by bats.  Looks a bit like Medusa to me!  Go here for more about the dragon fruit.



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