Cary’s New Friend and My New Enemies

25 09 2012

Cary came nose to nose (but did not get bit) with a Mexican Red Rump Tarantula  (tarantula brachypelma vagans) who was rearing up to look big and mean while on his dusk hike the other evening.  These massive beauties of the wild are considered aggressive and quite speedy.  Thankfully, this species has not been reported to possess a bite serious to people, but I’m not quite sure what this means for dogs.

I’m not too happy about finding 2 Scorpionidae Diplocentrus Maya  IN the house.  We squished both of them.  One was in a trash can without a bag that I was reaching into to empty by hand.  I noticed something moving and it was this brownish red/mahogany colored scorpion (I guess he matches the soil here – the ones I grew up with in the desert were beige).  The other one came in the side of the window (even after I had sprayed around all the windows and doors – it obviously didn’t phase the scorpions) and ran across the wall behind my computer.  The only 2 people I know who’ve been stung by scorpions were stung in bed, so it took me a few nights of nervously praying to get back to my regular restful sleep.  Scorpion stings are not deadly, but treatment involves solely consoling the victim since heat, cold, or analgesics do NOT take away the pain which is supposed to be worse than a wasp sting.  You can also have tingling in your mouth and fingers, or an allergic reaction.  But most people feel better after a day.  Friends here tell me this is the season for them, and just shake out your clothes before putting them on.  I’m motivated!  My clothes have been flappin’ away prior to dressing. (In the Philippines, I put on a dress with a cockroach in it – that taught me to shake out my clothes, too). Buhhhhhhuhhhhh!



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