Guanacaste National Park

20 11 2012

At the intersection of the Western and Hummingbird Highways in Belmopan is Guanacaste National Park.  We’ve been told it is a good place to see howler monkeys, but we still haven’t seen one yet.  We have heard them.  Here is a video taken outside my husband’s classroom – listen for the low roars of the howler monkeys…. 

We did see Jesus lizards (I wrote about them in a previous post) in the park.  Here is an Eumaeus butterfly we saw there.  You can also see the suspension bridge to YWAM’s Discipleship Training School from the park.  I think this is a Guanacaste tree

 (usually younger trees have lots of good sized thorns on the trunks at the bottom).  Here is a hive

 (I’m not sure for what, but most of the bees in this area are Africanized and aggressive – glad we didn’t see any!) Here is an interesting blog entry about insects in Belize. This is a picture of my husband trying to outrun a jaguar on the trail. j.

This scene is near the confluence of the Belize River and Roaring Creek.  The pink flowering tree is a Bukut tree.  When these are done flowering, they form large heavy seed pods.   DO NOT parks your car under one of these during pod season!!

If you hear a large splash, supposedly it is green iguanas dropping into the river from overhanging tree branches.  I still want to see a green iguana (my husband has seen one traipsing across the school playground) – they turn orange during mating season. Colorful and cool!



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