Spanish Lookout

18 04 2013


Spanish Lookout is a Mennonite community you can read more about here

They are more open to using mechanization and electricity than other Mennonite Communities in other areas of Belize.  Visiting this community seems to be the closest thing to shopping in the US that I’ve found so far in Belize.  I enjoy stores like Farmer’s Trading Center  for groceries and hardware, Midway (where you can eat fried chicken or a hamburger with fries at their diner), and Midwest Steel (kind of like a little Home Depot where I’ve purchased plant seed, Miracle Grow, lawn chairs, and PVC)


Once you cross the river – all of a sudden the roads are smooth and paved (ahhhhhhhh).  People are zipping around on motorcycles, and you feel like you are in a cross between the hilly farming land of Pennsylvania and Florida (with the tropical plants, heat, and humidity)


The Mennonites figured out how to raise cows here (Brahman), so we are happy to enjoy Western Dairies ice cream on a regular basis.  Even though they have 15 flavors, the vanilla is the best I’ve had so far (I never thought I’d hear myself say that!) Yum!

Other scenes from Spanish Lookout:



The next 2 pictures were taken from our moving car last year:


The white dots in this tree are cattle egrets.


Spanish Lookout oil wells produce ~5,000 barrels a day and export crude to the US.

Here’s my obvious Photoshop (no it really didn’t look like this when we visited) of the pier at Aguacate Lagoon


which is touted for its bird watching (we did see our first vermilion flycatcher nearby) and wild orchids attached to the trees.  A new friend gave me 2 orchids she found in the jungle – one is a black orchid – the national flower of Belize:



I know, you thought I was going to do a post on something other than flowers, but I just had to throw one in there! 😉



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