Three Seasons in Belize

23 05 2013

There are three seasons in Belize: mud, dust, and smoke.  We’ve been spending April and May in smoke (not a good time to visit Belize if you have asthma).  According to locals, this has been the worst year in quite a while for fires, set either deliberately or unintentionally, but in both cases left unattended.  There are no fire hydrants here, but I have seen a fire truck – not sure how much they could really ever do.  The jungle across the street from us was burnt, destroying the habitat for the cute little blueblack grassquits (Johnny Jump Ups) who have an entertaining display. Thank God for the street (the fire did not hop over it) between us and the fire, because we have a dry wooden fence on our side of the street.  McAfee wasn’t as fortunate. The cohune palm nuts have oil in them that fueled burning and sparking all night.  This is what happened to our view:


I heard a good illustration about sex being like a fire.  When kept within God’s intended limits of one man and one woman within the confines of marriage it is like a warming fire in the fireplace.  When it hops outside of God’s intended design, it is like when a fire hops outside the confines of the fireplace – it brings destruction and devastation.  This is a message you will not hear from the media and is definitely not popular or pc, but you will find it in the Bible –  where truth is found (Proverbs 7, Exodus 20:14, Matthew 19:4-6, 1 Corinthians 6:18, Romans 1:18-32, and many others)



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