Stung by a Scorpion in Bed

7 06 2013

Well, I had my first scorpion sting by a Scorpionidae Diplocentrus Maya .  I was asleep in bed and put my arm over my head (I didn’t know I did that, but am thankful I did) and got stung on my arm by a 6″ Mayan scorpion (they are a dark reddish brown) that was on my pillow.  I’m glad it didn’t sting my head!  It was a stun, not a kill shot, but hurt at the sting site and made my mouth, lips, and fingers tingly and numb.  I was white as a ghost. The worst part was the migraine headache.  I don’t know if that was from the sting or just being upset, though.  That lasted 2 days.  I was told to put complete seasoning on the sting, so I made a paste and put that on right afterwards, but the only thing I think that did was make my arm tasty to my dog. Another remedy I heard of from 2 people is to cut off the stinger, and then cut open the scorpion and smear its guts on the sting site.  Sounds pretty messy and yucky, but I’m told it is effective. Just be careful if they’re pregnant, because you may release a bunch of little ones inadvertently (I’ve also heard that the sting hurts more if you’ve been stung by a pregnant scorpion). My husband just flushed the scorpion, but I found out that scorpions can live for 2 days under water.  I saw one scorpion drop out of the louvers of the A/C unit (I don’t understand that because they are supposed to hate the cold and light) earlier in the week and the A/C unit in our bedroom was over the pillows, so in order to be able to sleep the next night, we rearranged the room.  I slept fine.  We’re still trying to decide if spraying will help.  The scorpions could possibly kill the dogs, but poison might not be great for them either. A neighbor has told us that she has killed around 50 scorpions in her house this year.  If you have any crack big enough for a business card to fit through, a scorpion can get into your house.  We have been told that it is impossible to keep them out…you just need to kill them when you see them – kind of hard since they run around in the dark at night.  We were also told to ALWAYS shake out your clothes and shoes before putting them on. Check under the sheets before getting into the bed.  Also shake washcloths and towels, since scorpions have an affinity for moist towels (one of my friends got stung on the lip by using a washcloth with one on it).  A test for how many scorpions you have in your house is to put a wet towel on the ground and then see how many accumulate under it.  Another way to see them at night is with a UV blacklight – they fluoresce.



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