Feral Puppies

8 12 2013

One of the dogs that hangs around Blue Thumb Ministries had a litter of puppies. 

BTMdogs     momnpup     2pups     puupyflower

They have been begging at my husband’s door and eaten such “delicacies” as pizza and SpaghettiOs!  They also are wild/hungry enough to eat animals (possibly cats or possums) that their parents kill. Most of the puppies have been given away but one remains.  My husband calls him “Shadow”, since he follows him everywhere.  He has the unique ability to touch the tips of his brown pointy ears together on the top of his head when he looks at you. dogeartouch

These dogs have changed my husband’s morning routine so as not to run them over with the car.  He has to put his backpack in the car first, open the gate, then run around his building with them chasing….get back into his car quickly before they reach him and take off, then close the gate. Whew!  It puts a smile on his face and gets his heart going for a great start to the day.

This video called “God Made a Dog” is cute (It got the day wrong when dogs were created, but you get the gist…)



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